Winners of the Guitar competition 2003


1st Place: Alieksey VIANNA (Brazil)

Alieksey VIANNA from Brazil showed how magnificent technique and great musicality could melt together in a outstanding performance.

The jury under the president John W. Duarte arwarded this extraordinary performance with the first prize.

2nd Place: Thibault CAUVIN

Thibault CAUVIN, no question the second prize for this young artist from France is only a step to a first place in one of the next competitions. His technique is unbelieveable and his musicality allows him to play Scarlatti in one fanszinating matter and John W. Duarte in another.

3rd Place: Jan SKRYHAN

Jan Skryhan - another great contribution by the Belarus guitar school - impressed the Austrian public with his marvellous technique  and his phenomenal musical sensitivity - demonstrated by a master likely performance of Nikita Khoshkins Usher Waltz

4th place & special prize: Nadja Kossinskaja  (Ukraine)

Nadja Kossinskaja  from Ukraine impressed the Austrian public, the jury and especially John W. Duarte  with his marvellous performance of John W. Duarte's Sua Cosa. All who have seen and heard her are sure that the special prize for the best interpretation of a composition John W. Duarte is only the base for further prizes in the near future.

5th place: Szofiá BOROS (Hungary)
6th place: Matej FREML (Czech Republic)


from left to right

Vladislav Blaha, Czech Republic
John W. Duarte,
president of jury, England
Grimes David,
Gabriel Guillén,
president of festival, Venzuela/Austria
Irmler Heinz,
Pesec Jovan, vice president of festival & jury, Austria
Colin Cooper, England
Eduardo Pascual
, Spain
Kormunda Jaroslav,



The finale was recorded. All competitors of the final, the jury,  sponsors and the festival organization  will get soon a sampler CD. The CDs were shipped now.

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