Winners of the Guitar competition 2004


1st Place: Andras Csaki (Hungary)

Andras CSAKI from Hungary showed how magnificent technique and great musicality and his stage-effect could melt together in a outstanding performance. It was his first performance in Rust. Vene, vidi, vice...

The jury under the president John W. Duarte (substitute Jovan Pesec) arwarded this extraordinary performance with the first prize.

2nd Place: Thibault CAUVIN

Thibault CAUVIN, on a scale of 100 points, the difference between the first and the second price was only a little bit more than one point. Thibault won the same prize than in the last years competition.  His performance was great,  his technique  unbelieveable. No question he is a high potental guitar performer, his  Scarlatti could not have been played better.

3rd Place: Matej FREML

Matej FREML - he was also competitor in the last years competition (6th place). And the jury awarded his big step further within one year with the third place. We follewed a remarkable Bach and Fantaisie Hongroise of Johann Kaspar Mertz.

Special prize: Jan SKRYHAN (Belarus)

Jan SKRYHAN  from Belarus performed John W. Duartes Idylle pour Ida in an excellent manner. Because of John’s illness a sub-jury under Kathryn Evans, Colin Cooper and David Grimes awarded his performance with the special prize.


4th place: Patrick VENA (Finland)
5th place: Andej OTREMBA (Poland)
6th place: Manolis VRONTINOS (Greece)
7th place: Jan SKRYHAN (
8th place: Oleg DERGILEV (USSR)



Vladislav Blaha, Czech Republic
Jeff Coogan, USA
John W. Duarte,
president of jury, England
(did not vote because of illness)
Grimes David,
Gabriel Guillén,
president of festival, Venzuela/Austria
(did not vote)
Irmler Heinz,
Pesec Jovan, vice president of festival & jury, Austria
Colin Cooper, England
Eduardo Pascual
, Spain
Kormunda Jaroslav,
Kathryn Evans, USA
Enric Madriguera, USA
Roberto Fabbri, Italy
Carlos Molina, Cuba
Karin Raus-Weidinger, Austria




This year a big jury of 13 members did vote in the finale. The Guitar Competition Rust uses a system were the mean of all votes of all competitors has to be built. The more members the jury has the mor fair  is the result for the competitors.
Many members of the jury said, that Rust 2004 was the festival with the highest level of the competitors until now (in Rust and in the world).

So - congratulations to the winners and all partipicants...

Colin Cooper's comment:

The annual Rust Guitar Festival goes from strength to strength. This year, a greater number of talented guitarists than ever before descended on the little Austrian town on the shores of the Neusiedlersee, to make good music and to compete in the John W. Duarte Competition. It is an ideal way to spend a week in springtime.



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