Winners of the Guitar competition 2005


1st Place: Luis Leite (Brazil)


Luis LEITE from BRAZIL showed how magnificent technique and great musicality and his stage-effect could melt together in a outstanding performance. It was his first performance in Rust. Vene, vidi, vice...

The jury under Jovan Pesec arwarded this extraordinary performance with the first prize.

2nd Place: Patrick VACIK

Patrick VACIK, on a scale of 100 points, the difference between the first and the second price was less than one point. Patrick was experienced in all epochs and performed a great Prelude from the suite for cello number 3 by Johann Sebastian Bach.


3rd Place: Artyom DERVOED

Artyom Dervoed –  regardless to take over the handicap of a flue his excellent performance was awarded with the 3 prize.



Special prize: Patrik VACIK (Germany)

Patrick Vacik performed John W. Duartes Idylle pour Ida with great epathy. The jury awarded this performance with the special prize.
Patrick was a lucky man, because the widow of John W. Duarte doubled the prize money. Many thanks to Dorothy.


4th place: Krienzer Gottfried (Austria)
5th place: Ziemski Maciej  (Poland)
6th place: Lonskaja Yuliya (Belarus)
7th place: Podhorszky Gabor (Hungary)




Enric Madriguera, - vice president of the jury, USA
Svetlana Lukyanova, Russia
Gabriel Guillén,
president of the festival, (Austria/Venezuela)

Carlos Molina,
Roberto Fabbri, Italy
Betatriz Guillén, Venezuela
Pesec Jovan, president of the jury, Austria
Neil Smith, Ireland
Carlos Atilano
, Venezuela/USA
Heinz Irmler,
Andreas Lieberg, Gernmany



Congratulations to all winners and all partipicants...

Enric Madriguera's  comment:

The annual Rust Guitar Festival has become one of the greatest guitar festivals in the world. It seems quite impossible, but every year, a greater number of talented guitarists than ever before descended on the little Austrian town on the shores of the Neusiedlersee…“


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