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Hans Peter Gatterer
(Hans Peter, tutor of  the International Guitar Festival Rust 2007, will held a workshop regarding
the notation program Finale 2006)

Interview with Hans Peter Gatterer:

Question: Who do you think is the most overrated and the most underrated composer for the classical guitar?

Hans Peter Gatterer: most overrated: Nikita Koshkin
most underrated:Agustin Barrios Mangoré


Question: Which „Slogan“ would you use in advertising for the classical guitar?

Hans Peter Gatterer: The best advertising is still the guitar is "the most universal usable instrument of the world!"


Question: With which prejudices – that are connected with the classical guitar – would you like to get rid of?

Hans Peter Gatterer: Prejudices regarding the classical guitar does not really exist.
Better to know not too much of it.


Question: Which attributes do you find typical for classical guitarists?

Hans Peter Gatterer: See above!


Question: What things in your life do you definitely want to learn and what do you regret not having done?

Hans Peter Gatterer: Most important for my career as guitarrist was Mag. Max Hrase my teacher of the trumpet and Prof. Heinz Irmler, the Austrian guitar guru par excellence.
Much to my regret I started relatively late with the playing of the classical guitar (I was 19 years old). So I missed the easy going variety of the yout


Question: What dreams do you have that you would like to fulfil?

Hans Peter Gatterer: The guitar should arise from its  being as countrified   niche-instrument  (accompanying instrument)  to a respectable classical instrument.


Question: What is embarrassing for you?

Hans Peter Gatterer: Allways having to explain in public the preferences and potentials of the concert guitar. 
For pianists and string players is that clear!


Question: What short phrase would you use to discribe your lifes philosophy?

Hans Peter Gatterer: Philosophy of my life: "Poor" guitar music does not exist - only guitar music which is misunderstood!


Question: Which abuse in your native country would you like to do away with?

Hans Peter Gatterer: To act under  social duress.
I want all protection abolished.   Performance on the job will allways win!


Question: In relation to world history, which personalities fascinate you the most?

Hans Peter Gatterer: Napoleon, Maria Theresia, J. S. Bach, W.A. Mozart, F. Tarréga


Question: Which question would you like to be asked and what is your Hans Peter Gatterer to this question?

Hans Peter Gatterer: I do not answer rhetorical questions!


Question: Which guitar virtuoso today has the makings to follow in the footsteps of Andres Segovia?

Hans Peter Gatterer: Nobody at the moment.
Soonest "the old ones" like John Williams and Julian Bream.

Thank you very much Hans Peter for this interview.

Jovan Pesec


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