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Heinz Irmler & the Jovaluna

Heinz Irmler

performing on the Jovaluna at the International Guitarfestival in Rust 2004.


Listen to the whole composition "" by Jovan Pesec, performed by Heinz Irmler and recorded at in Vienna (2005) 4 here!


Interview with Heinz Irmler:

Question: Who do you think is the most overrated (a) and the most underrated (b) composer for the classical guitar?
Heinz Irmler: Fernando Carulli (the Beethoven of the guitar) (a) and Simon Molitor (b),

Which „Slogan“ would you use in advertising for  the classical guitar?
Heinz Irmler: A addictive drug doesn't need a slogan.

With which prejudices – that are connected with the classical guitar – would you like to get rid of?
Heinz Irmler: At the latest after the publishing date of H.W. Henzes "Royal Winter Music" I do not believe in prejudices regarding the classical guitar.

Question: Which attributes do you find typical for classical guitarists?
Heinz Irmler: To obtain acceptance of the limited group of classical guitarrists instead of the acceptance of the large group of the "rest" of the musicians.

What things in your life do you definitely want to learn and what do you regret not having done?
 Heinz Irmler: The english language.

Question: What dreams do you have that you would like to fulfil?
Heinz Irmler: No dream. Until now I have had a fullfilled live. At the moment I enjoy the projects with the Jovaluna of by Jovan Pesec.

Question: What is embarrassing for you?
Heinz Irmler: Sitting like a country pumpkin in a english speaking company.

Question: What short phrase would you use to discribe your lifes philosophy?
Heinz Irmler: To be present for everyone.

Question: Which abuse in your native country would you like to do away with?
Heinz Irmler: The see alien residents as second class society.

Question: In relation to world history, which personalities fascinate you the most?
Heinz Irmler: No celebrated public character (especially of the politics) may act in every situation in a way which makes it possible to realize his own   peronnal meaning and attitude. From this point - celebrated public characters I hope will accept my deep sympathy. So my faszination keep within a limit.

Question: Whiat is the main motivation to attend a instrumental competition?
Heinz Irmler: The very extensive work which is necessary for the preparation. The high assignment and the optimazion  of the technique and the intesity of the musical statement are the real advantage.

Question: Which guitar virtuoso today has the makings to follow in the footsteps of Andres Segovia?
Heinz Irmler: The pioneer work of Andres Segovia is essential for the classical guitar and the obtainment and consolidation of a small but accepted place in the world of music. This pioneer work must not be continued.

 Thank you very much Heinz for this interview.

Jovan Pesec


Biographie Heinz Irmler

Heinz Irmler, in Wien geboren, studierte Gitarre am Konservatorium der Stadt Wien bei Prof. Robert Brojer.

Seit 1965 Unterrichtstätigkeit an der Kunstuniversität Graz. Seit 1983 als außerordentlicher, später als ordentlicher Professor Leiter einer Klasse künstlerischer Ausbildung für Gitarre.

Konzerttätigkeit  als Solist, vor allem aber im Duo mit Elisabeth Irmler, mit dem Flötisten Herbert Irmler und mit dem Ensemble „Art of Cibulka“.

Zahlreiche Uraufführungen von Werken, die dem Gitarreduo Irmler gewidmet wurden, unter anderem von Konzerten für zwei Gitarren und Orchester von Franz Cibulka und David Johnston und Uraufführung des Konzertes für Gitarre und großes Orchester von Franz Cibulka.

Jovan Pesec widmete Heinz Irmler „the.legends.of.novajor“ für Gitarre solo, „a.l.i.r.a.s.o.y“ für Jovaluna (eine doppelhörige Quartgitarre), „mare.lunare“ und "" für Jovaluna und Streicher.
Die beim Internationalen Gitarrefestival Rust 2007 uraufgeführte Komposition "alle.tausend.jahre.wachsen.mir.flügel" für Sprache, Flöte, Jovaluna und Streichorchester  ist ebenfalls Heinz Irmler (und seinem Sohn Herbert Irmler) gewidmet



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