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Luis LEITE from BRAZIL showed how magnificent technique and great musicality and his stage-effect could melt together in a outstanding performance. It was his first performance in Rust. Vene, vidi, vice...

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1.) Which prejudice regarding the classical guitar  would you put away?

It depends on who is speaking. Maybe other classical musicians like violinists or pianists (together with a big part of the traditional classical music audience) may think that guitarists are not "as good musicians", that the guitar is an instrument not able of making music in a high level. Jazz guitarists may think that classical guitarists are "without swing" and not creative musicians. I think there are reasons for all that, but any kind of prejudice closes the mind. Of course it would be better if we didn't need to come across those prejudices so often.

2.) Which pysical characteristics of a guitar player do you see as typically?

There are some profiles, the big-sound player, that plays everything loud, but not so subtle; the beautiful sound player, that plays everything round but lacks intensity; the play-with-the-guts player that plays intense but not so clean...I mean, it's hard to find balance, and in the end, we're all searching for that, aren't we? I admire people that are humble enough to realize that life is a constant learning process, and are always open to question their own playing and vision...

3.) Which dreams of yourself would you like to fullfill?

Oh, there are many... to visit India, maybe.

4.) About what do you felt a bit sheepish?

Ignorant people that think they are the best...

5.) What is the motto of your life?

To try to live happy, independent of the situation.

6.) What drawback in your native land would you like to remove if it would be in your power?

Of course the basic ones, such as the hunger and the lack of opportunity for the people.

7) Which celebrated public characters of the world history do you find most challenging?

Gandhi, Einstein

8) Newsworthy question: Who of the todays most famous guitar artists may fill Andés Segovias shoes?

I think there are many great young guitarists today, not just one central figure, as it was at Segovia's time...

Thank you very much Luis for this interview.

Jovan Pesec

Luis Leite was born in 1979 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

He started to learn classical guitar and musical theory in private lessons with Antonio Gomes. He studied Composition and Classical Guitar at the University of Rio de Janeiro, graduating in 2002 under the supervision of Carlos A. Carvalho and Nicolas Barros. He also studied baroque music with baroque flutist Laura Ronai and harpsichordist Rosana Lanzelotte.
Luis Leite won the first prize in two major national competitions in Brazil (“Souza Lima national guitar competition” and the “Sergio Abreu guitar prize”) and the first prize in the Ivor Mairants International Guitar Award in London and in the John Duarte Guitar Competition in Rust (Austria).
While still living in Brazil he came to Europe several times, to study with Oscar Ghiglia at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana in Siena (Italy) and to play in master classes for distinguished guitarists, such as David Russell, Joaquin Clerch, Fabio Zanon, Zoran Dukic and Eduardo Isaac, among others.
As a Chamber Musician he has played in duos, trios, quartets and with many different kinds of ensembles, performing all styles of music, ranging from renaissance and baroque music (playing continuo parts with baroque flutists and viola da gamba) to contemporary productions. He has also played in many different popular music groups, from African music to Choro and Brazilian Jazz.
As a Soloist he has played concerts in the major cities of his native country, as well as in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, England and Austria.
Since October 2002 he has been living in Vienna and studying at the Universität für Musik with Alvaro Pierri.



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