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Boris Tesich winner of the first prize of the
International John Duarte Competition Rust 2006 

Interview with Boris Tesich:

Question: Who do you think is the most overrated and the most underrated composer for the classical guitar?

Boris Tesich: Underrated - well most of our classical-romantic period composers. Sor and Giuliani - yes people play them,but Legnani, Regondi, Coste, Aguado, de Fossa - there's much more quality in there and not a lot of people seem willing to have a go. Also composers like Martin, Manen tend to be overlooked in favour of Ginastera and Brouwer (sonata). It became a rule that if you're a guitarist you can only play these two pieces. I think, apologies to anybody offended by this, but most of our transcriptions are overrated. We simplify, change harmonies, make them into a guitar pieces without thinking too much about the composers really wanted.


Question: Which „Slogan“ would you use in advertising for the classical guitar?

Boris Tesich:
None, I think the sound and music of the classical guitar should be enough.


Question: With which prejudices – that are connected with the classical guitar – would you like to get rid of?

Boris Tesich: Doing everything "the guitaristic" way, hiding difficult stuff behind "interpretation"


Question: Which attributes do you find typical for classical guitarists?

Boris Tesich: Opinionated, very confident.


Question: What things in your life do you definitely want to learn and what do you regret not having done?

Boris Tesich: No regrets, would definately want to learn lots of stuff, but most of the time I'm too lazy.


Question: What dreams do you have that you would like to fulfil?

Boris Tesich: Be respected for what I do and how I do it.


Question: What is embarrassing for you?

Boris Tesich: Plenty, but in guitar terms, somebody making a mess of an "easy" (technically) piece. Difficult stuff - anything can happen, but when you've got something easy - that's like being top of the first division and being hammered by a third division side in the cup.


Question: What short phrase would you use to discribe your lifes philosophy?

Boris Tesich: Life's too complicated to have a short phrase philosophy.


Question: Which abuse in your native country would you like to do away with?

Boris Tesich: I'm not going to go too political here. Mostly, people could stop asking me what I'm going to do for a living
and thinking that classical music is like pop - easy.


Question: In relation to world history, which personalities fascinate you the most?

Boris Tesich: Actors, singers,"celebrities" - it's fascinating to know how much (or rather little) of the brain they use (one thing that separates us from everything else on this planet) and still billions of people worship them and try to become as them!!!!


Question: Which question would you like to be asked and what is your answer to this question?

Boris Tesich: ? Have no idea to be honest. As long as they are good questions they'll get a good answer :)


Question: Which guitar virtuoso today has the makings to follow in the footsteps of Andres Segovia?

Boris Tesich: None, Maestro Segovia was the first, the One, and you can't have any more pioneers like that, but there are
a few that I think are capable of bringing the guitar to the next level. Unfortunately at this age some other stuff are more
important now than quality, so we'll see.


Thank you very much Boris for this interview.

Jovan Pesec

Biography of Boris Tesich

Boris Tesic was born 1983, in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He finished his Elementary and Secondary Music School in Tuzla, with prof. Predrag Stankovic, where in 2000 he got the “Pupil of the Generation” award. The same year he entered the Royal College of Music in London, where he studied with Gary Ryan. Currently he is doing a Masters degree with Carlo Marchione at the Music Conservatorium in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Boris is very active both as a performer and a teacher. He had his first solo-concert as a 11 year old and since then has performed both in Bosnia and abroad (Slovenia, Croatia, the Netherlands, Italy, England, Scotland, Wales, USA...). As well as performing he attended various festivals and masterclasses across Europe, having lessons with C.Cotsiolis, H. Kappel, J. Williams, S. Assad, D. Azabagic, C. Marchione, Z. Dukic, R. Dyens and many more.

He participated in various competitions and his biggest successes are:
First Prizes in Rust-Austria (“John Duarte Competition”, 2006); Bath-England (“Admira Young Guitarist of the Year”, 2001); Kutna Hora-Checz Republic (1998,2000); Velbert-Germany (“Andres Segovia EGTA Competition”, 2000)
Special Prizes (max 100 points) at the National Music Competitions in 1998,1999 and 2000
Second Prize in Rome-Italy (“Fernando Sor”, 2006); Guitar Festival in Niksic, Montenegro (2006)



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