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Vladislav Bláha

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Stépan Rak: Elegy

performed by Vladislav Bláha.

Vladislav Bláha is also director of the
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Vladislav Bláha
(Vladislav will held a master-course regarding during the International Guitar Festival Rust 2007)

Interview with Vladislav Bláha:

Question: Who do you think is the most overrated and the most underrated composer for the classical guitar?

Vladislav Bláha: I can not say, who is most overrated or underrated composers – they are many composers and
many meanings and several taste of musicians. I mean that music by John W.Duarte should be performed more as contemporary is and for sure pieces by Czech outstanding composer, who lives in London Antonin Tucapsky  (his great Sonata, Sololiquies) as well.


Question: Which „Slogan“ would you use in advertising for the classical guitar?

Vladislav Bláha: The word „Guitar“ – is an expression for to be perfect in shape, great in sound  and blissful in feelings.


Question: With which prejudices – that are connected with the classical guitar – would you like to get rid of?

Vladislav Bláha: For instance, compared with a eg. violin, an aged guitar does not sound well.
I own a small collection of 18 guitars from 19th century – they all are sounding excellent!


Question: Which attributes do you find typical for classical guitarists?

Vladislav Bláha: Guitar is a all time nice sounding instrument – sometimes even, if it is played by undeveloped amateurs.


Question: What things in your life do you definitely want to learn and what do you regret not having done?

Vladislav Bláha: All the great pieces for guitar, that I have not enough time to study.


Question: What dreams do you have that you would like to fulfil?

Vladislav Bláha: We tell, that only secret dreams  come true.


Question: What is embarrassing for you?

Vladislav Bláha: Poor music played by bad performers.


Question: What short phrase would you use to discribe your lifes philosophy?

Vladislav Bláha: Each time could be even worse or even better as it now is. So I try my best to make it better.


Question: Which abuse in your native country would you like to do away with?

Vladislav Bláha: To spent more money  to cultur (especially music) and education  than to politics .


Question: In relation to world history, which personalities fascinate you the most?

Vladislav Bláha: Johann Amos Komenius , Michelangelo Buenaroti and Ludwig van  and not any kings, emperors or politicians/


Question: Which question would you like to be asked and what is your answer to this question?

Vladislav Bláha: I do not answer rhetorical questions!


Question: Which guitar virtuoso today has the makings to follow in the footsteps of Andres Segovia?

Vladislav Bláha: I do not know.


Thank you very much Vladislav


 for this interview.

Jovan Pesec


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