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Jozef Zsapka

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Joseph Zsapka is also director and organizer of the
International Joseph Kaspar Mertz Guitar Festival Bratislava with 31 years tradition











Jozef Zsapka
(Jozef Zsapka is member of the jury of the
John Duarte competition of the International Guitar Festival Rust 2007)

Interview with Jozef Zsapka: (will follow soon)

J o z e f    Z S A P K A

He was born in Komarno 17.I.1947  in the Slovak republic.

Jozef Zsapka began his guitar studies at the age of  fourteens. He was a student of the Czech guitarist Arnošt Sádlík at the State Conservatory in Brno and a Music Academy in Bratislava.

Her world debut beginning in 1972  in concert tour around the Italy with Slovak Chamber Orchestra. Since that time Jozef Zsapka has performed in Japan, USA, Australia, Spain, Portugal, France, England, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Greece, Turkey, Jugoslawia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgary, Poland, Ukraina, Rusland, Cuba, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand  and the many other countries and made many recording for several companies.

From 1971 to 1989 he was a teacher at the Conservatory of Bratislava and from 1984  the expert assistant at the Music Academy in Bratislava, in 1992 habilitated to Associated Professor and 1997 habilitated to Professor. Beginning of year 2000 he are visiting Professor in Aveiro University in Portugal.

His students are a winers and laureats in many Internarnational competitions (Paris,Havana, Barcelona, Santiago de Compostella, Alessandria, Kutna Hora, Sernancelhe and many more).

Jozef  ZSAPKA  is ranked at the top of the Slovak performing art. His concert activities are wide-ranging he performs in the duo and as a soloist not in chamber concerts only, but also with prominent orchestras.Beginning of year 1980 he play middle solo concerts with her wife flutist Dagmar.

This duo belogs to the most stable instrumental combination of its kind.It was founded in  1979  and due to its intensive artistic activities it became world - renowned. From the very beginning they have been strongly influencing Czecho-Slovak interpretative art, which they present all over the world with great success. Many composers were inspired by their playing - among them e. g. Jorge Cardoso, David Babcock, Igor Rechin, Dušan Martinček, Peter Martinček, Štěpán Rak, Filimon Ginalis, Víťazoslav Kubička and others who dedicated their pieces to this duo. Their repertoire is extremely wide as it includes music of all stylistic periods. Critics rank them among the worlds top performers.

He is a music director and organiser of the  " International Joseph Kaspar Mertz Guitar Festival - Bratislava "  with 31 year traditions with participation of prominent guitar players from all over the world. The many - sided artist acts also as an editor (mainly of those compositions dedicated both to him and to the duo) (Opus, Fritz and Vogt, Trekel, Chanterelle)


He recorded more than 30 LPs and CDs for world-class recording studios.




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