Performers, Lecturers & Jury


The following people are invited as Performers, Lecturers and Selection Committee (Jury) for the International Guitar Festival Rust 2009:


Jorge Cardoso, Hans Peter Gatterer, Carsten Grǿndahl,  Gabriel Guillén,  Anatoly Izotov,  Rajmund Kákoni, Rubén Parejo,  Eugen Prochats, Petr Saidl, Victoria Zhadko, Winners of the Competitions of Barcelona, Bratislava & St. Petersburg, Gitarrenorchester Burgenland, Festival Flamenco Ensemble, Leopolis Chamber Orchestra

Chamber music ensembles

Leopolis Chamber Orchestra  (Ukraine)
Gitarreorchester Burgenland (Austria)
Festival Flamenco Ensemble (Austria)


Victoria Zhadko (Ukraine)
Hans-Wilhelm Kaufmann (Germany)

Composers of the Festival

John Duarte†, Jovan Pesec.

Jury John Duarte Competition

Colin Cooper (president),  Norbert Dams, Zbigniew Dubiella, Eugen Gridiushko, Heinz Irmler, Ammosov Mykola,   Jovan Pesec (vice president),   Jozef Zsapka, Victoria Zhadko. 

Jury Young Performers Competition

Hans Peter Gatterer (president),  Iwona Bodziak, Elisabeth Irmler, Members of the Guitar Orchestra Burgenland. 

Master courses

Iwona Bodziak . Heinz Irmler . Victoria Zhadko

All people who are interested in music and especially in guitar music (teachers, professionals, beginners and amateurs) may participate. The participants will receive playing instructions in the different techniques and musical expression possibilities by internationally renowned artists.
Heinz Irmler Prize: This year the Guitarfestival Rust will give a special prize (€ 300,--) for the best participant of the master course. He is dedicated to the famous guitar teacher Heinz Irmler. The winner will also perform a piece at the final concert on 9. April 2009!!! 

Workshops & Presentations

H.P. Gatterer . Norbert Dams


You can get more information of performers, teachers and members of the jury by clicking on the corresponding names! 

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